Civil society fights global human rights, governance and climate failures
Hypocrisy by powerful countries undermined the rules-based international order in 2023, making it harder to promote human rights and resolve the world’s most devastating wars, global civil society alliance CIVICUS
DWB | 14.03.2024
UN: Costa Rica, UK to push for long-overdue reform of NGO approvals
The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, a little-known but powerful United Nations body, is crippled by politics and failing to carry out its mandate of enabling NGO participation in the work
Maithili Pai und Francisco Pérez | 12.03.2024
Neuer V-Dem-Bericht: Demokratie 2023 in 42 Ländern zurückgegangen
Das V-Dem Institut mit Sitz im schwedischen Göteborg hat zum 8. Mal in Folge seinen Jahresbericht über den Zustand der weltweiten Demokratie vorgelegt, in dem es Informationen aus 202 Ländern
Rodrigo Lima | 12.03.2024
Freedom in the World report: 2023 was 18th consecutive year of decline
Since 1973, Freedom House has published its annual report that assesses the level of political rights and civil liberties around the world, gathering data and information from around 210 countries
Rodrigo Lima | 05.03.2024
Experts urge governance of planetary commons to manage climate change
Earlier this year, an international group of 22 experts from a range of disciplines, including environmental science, governance, and law, emphasized the importance of establishing “planetary commons” in an article
Elena Frie | 04.03.2024
Civil society calls for meaningful inclusion in UN’s Summit of the Future
Over 350 civil society organizations which are part of the UNmute initiative issued a collective statement to the United Nations, pressing for more substantial consultation and involvement in the preparatory
DWB | 21.02.2024
Global citizens‘ assemblies: expanding the global democracy agenda
In recent years, democracies around the world have experimented with citizens’ assemblies. The main idea behind such assemblies is that randomly selected citizens, who form a statistically representative sample of
Farsan Ghassim und Andreas Bummel | 21.02.2024
EIU-Bericht 2023 zur Demokratie: Rückschritt in einer Zeit der Konflikte
Die Ausgabe des Demokratie-Index der Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) für das Jahr 2023 berichtet von einer anhaltenden allgemeinen Stagnation und Regression der Demokratie in einer Zeit, die durch wachsende geopolitische
Petter Ölmunger | 19.02.2024
A global political party in the making: the Atlas movement
Media and observers have been referring to 2024 as a “Super Election Year”: more than 60 countries and two billion citizens around the world are expected to head to the
Lidia Bilali | 09.02.2024
Why Davos attendees should be backing a Global Citizens‘ Assembly
A Global Citizens‘ Assembly would, for the first time, give ordinary people from across the planet a seat at the global governance table. Decision-makers in Davos should support this, the authors argue.
Hélène Landemore und Rich Wilson | 19.01.2024
2024 finden in über siebzig Ländern Wahlen statt
Im Jahr 2024 finden in mehr als siebzig Ländern der Welt, in denen mehr als die Hälfte der Weltbevölkerung lebt, Wahlen statt. Medien sprechen vom „größten Wahljahr der Geschichte“ und
Markus Pausch | 10.01.2024
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