Democracy Without Borders strives for a democratic world community.

We promote a right to democracy at all levels, global institutions that are democratic and effective, and equal global citizenship.

Democracy continues to decline globally, repression grows, report says
On November 30th 2022, the Stockholm-based International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) published their newest report on the Global State of Democracy, outlining a continual decline of…
Maartje Mensink | 05.12.2022
Global Democracy: The Key to Global Justice, now published
According to the UN’s chief, the world is in a state of emergency due to numerous intertwined crises and a failure of global governance. A new book titled Global Democracy: The…
Oded Gilad and Dena Freeman | 17.11.2022
Debunking six myths about democracy and democracy support
This article deals with six myths that have formed around democracy and democracy support which threaten to benefit democracy’s adversaries, and corrode the confidence and resilience of democracy’s defenders.
Derek Mitchell | 08.11.2022

Promoting the right to democracy at all levels, from the local to the global, is a main concern of Democracy Without Borders. Free, fair and democratic elections are the basis for legitimate government. We support democratization processes everywhere and work for worldwide democracy. Learn more


Democracy Without Borders supports strengthening international cooperation and promotes democratic representation and participation at the global level. We advocate the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly as a step towards a world parliament and a global constitution. Learn more


Democracy Without Borders calls for a UN World Citizens’ Initiative that gives a voice to every human being as a global citizen. We promote equal global citizenship and advocate for civic education from a planetary perspective that helps develop a sense of global identity and solidarity. Learn more