Democracy Without Borders strives for a democratic world community.

We promote a right to democracy at all levels, global institutions that are democratic and effective, and equal global citizenship.

Space governance: Who speaks for Earth?
As space science matures and accelerates, the time has come for a democratically accountable UN to moderate human activity beyond Earth argues Ian Crawford.
Ian Crawford | 12.04.2022
Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy tells UN either to reform or dissolve
In a video speech delivered on Tuesday, 5 April 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy informed a meeting of the UN’s Security Council of mass atrocities committed by Russian forces against…
DWB | 06.04.2022
Policy briefs: Evidence shows that democracy performs better
Policy briefs published by V-Dem Institute collate evidence that democracy performs better in public goods provision, education, growth, social protection, health, climate change mitigation and other fields
Aslınur İnalcı | 31.03.2022
We support global democracy

The world’s citizens need to have a voice

A UN Parliamentary Assembly

The United Nations is failing to rise to the challenge of the existential risks we now face. Seeking consensus amongst almost 200 competing member states is a recipe for doing too little, too late. That’s why we push for a new body of citizen-elected represen­tatives: A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA). Learn more

A UN World Citizens' Initiative

The Charter of the UN begins with the words “We, The Peoples”. However, one will seek in vain for a means by which ordinary people can play a role. We propose that global citizens can launch petitions that are then considered by the UN. The instrument to make this possible is a UN World Citizens’ Initiative (UNWCI). Learn more

A Global Voting Platform for citizens

Democracy requires participation – and global democracy means participation of all people. Democracy Without Borders works on providing a scalable online platform that allows for debates, voting, and elections. Topics on the agenda could include resolutions of the Security Council or other global bodies. Learn more