Program Areas

Program Areas

Democracy Without Borders strives for a democratic world community.

We promote a right to democracy at all levels, global institutions that are democratic and effective, and equal global citizenship.

Appointment of UN Rapporteur discussed at Democracy Summit in Seoul
At the Third Summit for Democracy in Seoul, hosted by the South Korean government, an event was held during the civil society and youth segment on March 19th to discuss
DWB | 27.03.2024
Civil society fights global human rights, governance and climate failures
Hypocrisy by powerful countries undermined the rules-based international order in 2023, making it harder to promote human rights and resolve the world’s most devastating wars, global civil society alliance CIVICUS
DWB | 14.03.2024
UN: Costa Rica, UK to push for long-overdue reform of NGO approvals
The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations, a little-known but powerful United Nations body, is crippled by politics and failing to carry out its mandate of enabling NGO participation in the work
Maithili Pai and Francisco Pérez | 12.03.2024

Promoting the right to democracy at all levels, from the local to the global, is a main concern of Democracy Without Borders. Free, fair and democratic elections are the basis for legitimate government. We support democratization processes everywhere and work for worldwide democracy. Learn more


Democracy Without Borders supports strengthening international cooperation and promotes democratic representation and participation at the global level. We advocate the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly as a step towards a world parliament and a global constitution. Learn more


Democracy Without Borders calls for a UN World Citizens’ Initiative that gives a voice to every human being as a global citizen. We promote equal global citizenship and advocate for civic education from a planetary perspective that helps develop a sense of global identity and solidarity. Learn more