We promote
global democracy.

The right to democracy transcends national boundaries.

We strive for a democratic world order in which citizens participate beyond national boundaries.

A Holistic Approach

Democracy Without Borders supports a holistic approach to democracy promotion that spans from the local to the global levels and at the same time embraces the dimensions of representation, participation, deliberation and co-decision.

A Transnational Focus

In our planetary age it’s no longer the nation-states where key decisions are being taken. While advocating ongoing national democratization, we focus on promoting democracy in transnational regional and global institutions.

A Decade of Experience

We are the successor organization of the Committee for a Democratic U.N. which was active since 2003. In 2017, we decided to continue our work with a new name, a new approach and an expanded mandate.

We advocate a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly to strengthen the voice of the world’s citizens.

We, the Peoples

The UN believes that democracy belongs to its universal and indivisible core values and principles. The UN Charter begins on the promising opening words: “We the peoples.” However, one will seek in vain for a means by which ordinary people can play a role in the world organization. It is high time that the UN allows citizen-elected representatives to participate in its deliberations.

An Incremental Approach

Initially, states could choose whether their UNPA members would come from national (or regional) parliaments or whether they would be directly elected. Starting as a largely consultative body, the rights and powers of the UNPA could be expanded over time as its democratic character increases. In the long run, the assembly could develop into a real world parliament.

An International Campaign

Democracy Without Borders coordinates the international Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly that was launched in 2007. The campaign is supported by various civil society organizations as well as by individuals from 150 countries, among them nearly 1,500 current and former members of parliament and numerous distinguished personalities from all walks of life.

A World Parliament

Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century

The new book on global democracy by Jo Leinen and Andreas Bummel.

Forthcoming in 2018.

830 541 Andrew McAllister

V-Dem confirms global democratic backslide, but levels remain high

The annual report of the Varieties of Democracy Project (V-Dem) that was released in May 2017 concluded that “the average level of democracy in the world seems to have regressed back to, roughly speaking, where it was some 10 to 15 years ago.”However, V-Dem researchers also argue that “alarmist reports about a global demise of…

1000 668 Charles Marsh

Freedom House report for 2018 finds “democracy in crisis”

In their recent annual report on the state of global freedom, Freedom House in Washington D.C. provided worrying figures. Stating that “democracy faced its most serious crisis in decades”, the report explains how, over the last year, countries across the world have experienced precipitous declines in freedom. In all regions of the world, democratic backsliding…

1200 675 Manuel Müller

It’s not about whether we want a global regime, but what it should look like

The idea of a world state is not having its best moment. Comparing the use of the term over time, a pattern emerges: intensive discussions about a global regime took place mainly while the two world wars were devastating the planet and at the time, overcoming the sovereign nation-state was seen as the best way…

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