Program Areas

Program Areas

About Democracy Without Borders

We strive for a democratic world order

An integrated approach

Democracy Without Borders advocates demo­cracy as a human right that spans across all levels, from the local to the global, and includes the dimensions of representation, participation and deliberation. 

A unique focus to create momentum

Based on a Theory of Change, Democracy Without Borders promotes global democracy, global governance and global citizenship. Progress in these areas is mutually reinforcing and we look at their intersections.

An international network

Democracy Without Borders is collaborating with international partners and has a growing number of national chapters. We expand further to promote our cause more effectively across the world’s regions.

Joint global campaigns

Together with our partners Democracy Without Borders runs global campaigns. We promote the creation of a UN Parliamentary Assembly, a UN World Citizens’ Initiative and a UN Rapporteur on Democracy.


DWB has a growing number of chapters and contact points across the world.


DWB is collaborating with dozens of groups worldwide. A special thank you to these key partners.


DWB depends on the support of its donors. A special thank you to these key contributors in 2023 and 2024.