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Global Citizenship


 The principle of basing all government on the consent of the governed is undenied and undeniable. Is democracy a failure? Train up citizens that will make it succeed. — W.E.B. DuBois

We advocate equal global citizenship

All human beings, irrespective of place of birth or any other differences, need to enjoy equal rights as global citizens of a democratic global community.

We support a planetary world view that allows individuals to understand their close connection to the planet and all of humanity and to develop a sense of global identity and solidarity. 

We support global citizenship education as an essential part of education worldwide. 

We are playing a leading role in the campaign for a UN World Citizens’ Initiative. This new tool will enable all world citizens to put forward proposals on important global issues.

We endorse the use of deliberative global citizens’ assemblies to seek citizens’ input for the agenda-setting and policy-making of the UN and other intergovernmental bodies.

A World Citizens' Initiative

DWB together with CIVICUS and Democracy International is running the Campaign for a UN World Citizens’ Initiative.

Global citizens' assemblies

DWB in principle endorses the use of global citizens’ assemblies for deliberation of global issues as outlined in its policy on the subject.

Global voting platform

DWB supports the World Parliament Experiment in developing a scalable online platform that allows for debates, voting, and elections.


DWB and its chapters are seeking donors and partners to develop projects in the field of global citizenship education and citizens’ empowerment at all levels.

News and developments in this program area

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Why Davos attendees should be backing a Global Citizens’ Assembly
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