Program Areas

Program Areas

For democracy in Ghana, Africa, and the world

Democracy Without Borders-Ghana

An integrated approach

Democracy Without Borders advocates demo­cracy as a human right that spans across all levels, from the local to the global, and includes the dimensions of representation, participation and deliberation. 

The trailblazer for democracy

Ghana is committed to upholding democracy and good governance at home and on the African continent. The Ghanaian chapter of Democracy Without Borders advocates Ghana’s support of a democratic global order. 

Support of a world parliament

Ghana’s founding fathers Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Dr. J. B. Danquah are known for their support of Pan-Africanism and democracy. Dr. Danquah was an outspoken supporter of a world parliament.

Global campaigns & programs

Together with our partners we run global campaigns and programs for a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a UN World Citizens’ Initiative. Locally, in Ghana, these campaigns are coordinated by the national chapter.

We champion Ghana’s leadership in forging a global parliament.


Dr. John-Paul Safanu Banchani

Dr. Sebastian Angzoorokuu Paalo
Dep. Director

Eugenia A. B. Anderson
Dep. Director

Mohammed Abass
Dep. Director

Abigail Elorm Dosu

Caleb Nii-Akwei Akwei
Board Member

Additional board members
Ebenezar Afeke, Eli Dormenyo, David Bilijo


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