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Terms and conditions to use content from this website

Unless indicated otherwise you are free to copy and redistribute the material from this website in any medium or format under the following terms: 

  • attribution – that you give appropriate credit by adding a note that identifies this website or an individual page or article as the original source, in an online medium including a link.

    Note: If you regularly syndicate posts, please include the following code in the <head> section of your own post that includes the content in question: <link rel=”canonical” href=”URL”> whereas URL is the link to the individual original post on this website.

  • non-commercial – you may not use the material for commercial purposes, in particular if you are a for-profit operation
  • no derivatives – if you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material
  • waiting period – please don’t republish blog posts within the first 24 hours following their original publication on our website

Should these terms not apply to content published on a particular page you will find a copyright note on that page. In the case of blog posts, you will usually find this at the end of the piece in question.

Please note that images used on this website may be published under different terms and may be protected by copyright. As a rule you will find a note on the terms in the image caption or at the bottom of a given page. 

These terms do not apply to content included in PDF files that can be downloaded from this website. Please check in the individual PDF file under what terms it was published. If no information is provided, please assume that it is protected by copyright.

We are happy that you are using our content under the above terms and appreciate if you let us know.

Should you wish to use content in other ways than described above please be in touch.

We reserve the right to adjust the above conditions at any time.