Civil society marginalized at COP26 climate negotiations in Glasgow
The United Nations’ COP26 climate conference in Glasgow that is ending today has drawn sharp criticism from civil society groups and climate activists who felt that they were marginalized and…
DWB | 12.11.2021
Virtual assembly adopts declaration, addresses demands to the UN
Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) hosted an online Global People’s Assembly from 21 to 23 September 2021, in parallel to a high-level segment of the UN General Assembly…
George Blundell | 19.10.2021
Global Citizens’ Assembly launched ahead of climate talks in Glasgow
In advance of the UN’s COP26 climate conference, which will convene in Glasgow next month, a Global Citizens’ Assembly on the world climate and ecological crisis has been launched with…
DWB | 15.10.2021
Join the Week for World Parliament in October
Join this year’s Week for World Parliament from October 21-28 2021 and support the call for the establishment of a world parliament that will give representation and political power to…
Petter Ölmunger | 29.09.2021
Democracy is suited to tackle climate change
As the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) seems to confirm, the more we learn about the rate and effects of climate change, the more there…
Daniel J. Fiorino | 22.09.2021
Groups say inclusive UN remains on the agenda after UN chief’s report
On Friday, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres unveiled a much anticipated report titled “Our Common Agenda” which outlines plans for strengthening multilateralism and the United Nations, among other things. The document…
DWB | 13.09.2021
Afghanistan and the need of a legitimate world police
The terrifying scenes from Kabul Airport can be seen as a symbol of a dysfunctional world order. People clinging desperately underneath the wings of an airplane speeding along the runway….
Hans Leander | 10.09.2021
Expert report urges governments to make the UN more democratic
The UN’s independent expert on the promotion of a democratic international order, Livingstone Sewanyana, urges the UN’s member states to establish the office of a high-level civil society envoy, the…
DWB | 08.09.2021
Survey: 64% in G20 countries want a stronger UN to protect the climate
A survey published in August and conducted on behalf of the Global Commons Alliance in G20 nations reveals that on average 64% of the general public believe that international organisations…
Harry Gray | 07.09.2021
Study: Majorities support global democracy, political parties can benefit
For my doctoral studies at the University of Oxford, I spent the past few years exploring international public opinion on global democracy. My results may be surprising, and – for…
Farsan Ghassim | 02.09.2021
Principles and proposals for an Alliance of Democracies
Last week the White House announced that the Summit for Democracy promised by Joe Biden will take place virtually on December 9 and 10 in order to “galvanize commitments and…
Andreas Bummel | 16.08.2021
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