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It is time to unite for defending and revitalizing democracy

A worldwide Coalition for Democratic RenewalIn May, over sixty global intellectuals and democracy activists have issued The Prague Appeal for Democratic Renewal.The group, including Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich, political scientist and philosopher Francis Fukuyama, Russian chess grandmaster and political activist Garry Kasparov, French philosopher Bernard-Hénri Levy, Hong Kong student leader and legislator Nathan Law, journalist…

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G20 Summit: Democracy Without Borders calls for a UN Parliament

On the occasion of the G20 Summit on July 7/8 in Hamburg, Democracy Without Borders called for the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly to strengthen the United Nations. A model that the UN could draw upon was the European Parliament. The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) that is coordinated by the NGO is…

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News from the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) for the first time would give elected representatives and members of the opposition a formal role in the world organization. Supporters envisage that it would act as an independent watchdog and as an engine for UN reform and a progressive democratization of global governance.According to the Campaign for a…

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For Worldwide Voting via the Internet

A democratic mandate of the world’s citizensIn a globalized world, national isolation will not help to solve economic, social and certainly not international problems. On the contrary, when global issues are concerned that are beyond the capacity of individual states, there is a need for effective supranational world politics. This should not to be confused…

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The World’s Citizens need to take back control – with a Global Parliament

As global interdependence becomes ever closer and more complex, more and more issues cannot be dealt with by states acting alone. To a large degree, achieving prosperity, development, and security depends on international collaboration and integration. Whatever xenophobic and nationalistic demagogues would want people to believe, a Zombie-like resurrection of “national independence” is not a…

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A World Without Borders

Immigration has recently come to the forefront of the political debate in a spectacular fashion in several developed countries. Yet amidst the rising populist tide, an article published in Foreign Affairs’ last edition makes a concise yet powerful case for open borders. Despite being a self-described conservative, the author, Nathan Smith, is a staunch supporter…

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The Committee for a Democratic U.N. is now Democracy Without Borders

Democracy Without Borders is the successor of the Committee for a Democratic U.N., in short KDUN for its German name. In February 2017, KDUN’s members decided to continue their work with a new name, a new approach and an expanded mandate. Democratization at the national and global levels is strongly connected. As democracy gets under…

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