1000 592 Andrew McAllister

New periodic report looks into the global state of democracy

Study prepared by International IDEAIn November the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) based in Stockholm published the first edition of its new flagship report titled “The Global State of Democracy”. The study prepared by the intergovernmental organization that is currently headed by former Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme aims to explore…

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3256 2000 Aisha Dodwell

Seven reasons why there should be open borders

Let’s be honest, most people are already in favor of free movement – at least for themselves. If we care about poverty and justice, we need to start working towards a world of globally open borders for all. Here’s why:1. Borders are a form of global apartheidBorders preserve the privilege of the wealthy at the…

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946 601 Dominique de Bumann

A strong planetary government for shared responsibilities

On November 27, Dominique de Buman was elected as President of the lower house of the Swiss parliament, the National Council. One year ago he published a piece on planetary government in the magazine of his political party CVP.Here is the full text in English translation:Our planet suffers many challenges such as armed conflict, excessive…

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1659 899 Charles Marsh

Survey confirms global support for democracy but also gives cause for concern

Large majority supports democracy in 38-nation surveyThe Pew Research Centre recently published the results of a 38-nation survey on global attitudes to democracy. According to the study, “there are reasons for calm as well as concern when it comes to democracy’s future.” While on average 78% of those sampled supported representative democracy as a means…

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1000 550 Lisa Schüller

Global ID: digital system in the making to provide a legal identity for all

Implementing Sustainable Development Goal 16.9Having no legal identity means not existing officially. One fifth of the world’s population lacks proper identification and about 50 million children are born without legal identity each and every year. These shocking numbers demonstrate the vast extent of the issue. The lack of legal identity leads to the exclusion from…

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1998 1110 DWB

News from the Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly

The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) has recorded numerous positive developments since May 2017. A significant milestone was reached in August when the 1500th member of parliament endorsed the campaign. On this occasion, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on External Affairs of India’s Lok Sabha, Shashi Tharoor, reiterated his support and congratulated…

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825 413 Andreas Bummel

We need to proclaim humanity’s right to self-determination

From November 3-5, Milo Rau and the Institute for Political Murder (IIPM) convened a General Assembly at the theatre Schaubühne in Berlin as “a concept of an actual world parliament” in order to give a voice to all who are not represented and to debate “on where we stand as a global community and what needs…

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1058 493 Lisa Schüller

Survey on global risks and governance finds support for supranational decision-making

A survey on “attitudes to global risks and governance” on behalf of the Global Challenges Foundation carried out by ComRes in eight countries across the world’s regions reveals a grave concern about the present state of the world, with 61% of all respondents considering the world to be “more insecure today compared with two years…

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1631 972 DWB

It is time to unite for defending and revitalizing democracy

A worldwide Coalition for Democratic RenewalIn May, over sixty global intellectuals and democracy activists have issued The Prague Appeal for Democratic Renewal.The group, including Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich, political scientist and philosopher Francis Fukuyama, Russian chess grandmaster and political activist Garry Kasparov, French philosopher Bernard-Hénri Levy, Hong Kong student leader and legislator Nathan Law, journalist…

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3868 2640 DWB

G20 Summit: Democracy Without Borders calls for a UN Parliament

On the occasion of the G20 Summit on July 7/8 in Hamburg, Democracy Without Borders called for the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly to strengthen the United Nations. A model that the UN could draw upon was the European Parliament. The Campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly (UNPA) that is coordinated by the NGO is…

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