Program Areas

Program Areas

Blog Submission Guidelines

We are happy to receive proposals for pieces to be published on our blog from qualified authors.

If you want to pitch or submit an article please follow these guidelines.

First make sure that you are dealing with a topic relevant to us by checking our program areas, the initiatives we work on and previous pieces published on this site. We are interested in regional and global developments and trends. Pieces should not be too technical.

Please note that usually we do not cover news and analysis related to individual countries.

Generally, we publish two formats: News pieces and opinion pieces.

News pieces range from 400 to 700 words. They usually provide summary reports on relevant events, developments, studies or publications that provide our audience a quick and easy overview. Except for an optional conclusion news pieces refrain from offering opinions and comments of the author.

Opinion pieces range from 500 to 1,500 words depending on how relevant the topic is for us. They should provide an informed comment on recent developments or questions of general relevance. Book reviews are also categorized as opinion pieces. The author will have special experience or expertise that qualifies him/her to offer an opinion. 

We are flexible in what and how we publish and may divert from the above. 

Before drafting a piece contact us to learn whether it is of interest. Your pitch should describe your idea and outline your qualifications. An indication of interest from us is not a commitment to publish. This decision is taken in view of the submitted draft.

If you decide to submit a draft, please follow these guidelines:

  • Add a note that outlines your qualification
  • Send a link to one or two pieces you published elsewhere previously
  • Tell us whether it is a news piece or opinion piece
  • Identify the blog topic you believe is most relevant
  • Suggest a title with a length of at most 70 characters (including spaces) 
  • Let us know whether it is an original piece or whether it was already published elsewhere
  • Separate sections with subtitles
  • Avoid bullet point lists and use full sentences instead
  • Do not include footnotes or literature references. Instead include hyperlinks to sources
  • Send your draft as an .rtf or .docx attachment
  • If you wish to include one or two graphics or images please send them as separate attachments and indicate in the document where you believe they should be inserted. Provide full information on image sources
  • Provide a portrait image of yourself and two sentences about you to be published as author’s bio

By sending your piece you agree that it will be published under the conditions explained here. Further, by submitting a piece, you agree that we may translate and publish it on our website in different languages. Please indicate should you prefer a different arrangement. Note that we do not offer any pay.

Unfortunately, we cannot respond to every submission. In particular, we ask for your understanding that we are not able to elaborate on why a pitch is not of interest or why a piece was not accepted. If you do not receive a response within 7 business days, you can assume that we are not interested.

Send your pitch or draft to