Program Areas

Program Areas

For global democracy

Democracy Without Borders-United States

E pluribus unum

“Out of many, one”: The United States was created by thirteen separate states coming together and forming a greater whole, one which has grown increasingly democratic over time and now stands as the world’s oldest democracy. Like the early US, today’s world faces challenges that require us to come together regardless of borders.

Americans Standing Up for Democracy

Facing an historic assault on our democracy from within, Americans are emboldened to protect and expand democracy. The US Chapter of Democracy Without Borders (DWB) aims to lobby domestic representatives to support the cause of global democracy in the face of authoritarianism and political violence.

An international network & global campaigns

Together with our partners across the globe, DWB leads campaigns and programs for a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a UN World Citizens’ Initiative, among other things. The US Chapter coordinates these campaigns within the United States and advances the causes of social, economic, racial and environmental justice.

Americans who support world federation and global governance are preparing the formation of a US chapter of Democracy Without Borders in order to promote global democracy and get US officials on board. Join our growing team and help us build the chapter! 

Founding team

Our founding team. Stay tuned as more members join.

Trent Trepanier

Rita Kakati Shah


Advisors and founding members who support the chapter.

Richard Deese

Richard Ponzio

Andrew Strauss

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