Democracy and civic space: people power under attack
The findings of CIVICUS’ 2022 People Power Under Attack report are explained in this article. The assesments are based on CIVICUS Monitor, a research collaboration of over 20 groups across the globe.
Mandeep Tiwana | 17.03.2023
Deliberative listening and complementary democracy
This opinion piece explores listening, discussion and deliberation as core concepts of democracy.
Matt Qvortrup and Daniela Vancic | 16.03.2023
Democracy’s global decline is slowing down, says Freedom House report
The 2023 Freedom in the World report concludes that the global struggle for democracy approached a possible turning point in 2022
Andreas Bummel | 14.03.2023
V-Dem report: Global democracy has fallen to 1986 level
In its recent Democracy Report 2023 which looks at the development of democracy and autocracy worldwide, Gothenburg-based V-Dem Institute finds that the average level of democracy a global citizen enjoys…
Francesca Braga | 09.03.2023
Experts call for a World Parliament of Rivers
This article deals with the proposal of a World Parliament of Rivers that would embody the legal personality of rivers and look after the protection of river ecosystems.
Colm Lehane | 01.03.2023
Group calls for “swift establishment” of UN Rapporteur on Democracy
Democracy Without Borders, a civil society group dedicated to promoting global democracy, calls on “like-minded states committed to democracy” to seek “a swift establishment of the mandate of a Special…
DWB | 24.02.2023
A United Nations Special Rapporteur on Democracy
Research paper on the creation of a new UN Human Rights Council mandate of a UN Special Rapporteur on Democracy
Maartje Mensink | 23.02.2023
Civil society to gather in New York for Global Futures Forum
Civil society representatives will meet in New York in March 2023 to discuss joint recommendations for tackling global challenges and reforming global governance
DWB | 16.02.2023
UN chief delivers stark warning on democracy’s fragility
A few weeks away from the one year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and in a stark warning that the clock is the “closest it has ever stood…
Annika Silva-Leander | 14.02.2023
EIU 2022 democracy report: Stagnation, war and no post-COVID revival
The 2022 edition of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Democracy Index that was published earlier this month reports overall democratic stagnation in a year marked by Russia’s war of aggression…
Petter Ölmunger | 10.02.2023
Experts discuss new mandate of UN Special Rapporteur on Democracy
The possible creation of a new mandate for a UN Special Rapporteur on Democracy was discussed by a group of experts from civil society organisations, think tanks, international institutions and academia.
DWB | 24.01.2023
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