International survey: Citizens want a stronger and more democratic UN
A 2019 survey in Argentina, China, India, Russia, Spain, and the United States revealed that citizens overall support strengthening or maintaining the authority of the UN and making it more democratic
Farsan Ghassim | 22.09.2022
Will illiberal nationalism undermine much-needed UN reform?
The growth of illiberal nationalism in the US and the deepening of already illiberal nationalist states like Russia and China are compromising the UN’s key mandates and thwarting serious progressive…
Kamal Malhotra | 09.09.2022
As global progress declines, UN moves Summit of the Future to 2024
The UN General Assembly in New York decided today that a “Summit of the Future” shall be convened in New York in September 2024 to adopt a “Pact for the…
DWB | 08.09.2022
Disagreements on reforming the UN Security Council continue
The recent round of inter-governmental negotiations on UN Security Council reform ended in New York on 12th July 2022 with an “oral decision” of the UN General Assembly to “immediately”…
Jebilson Raja Joslin | 06.09.2022
Book review: Breaking Boundaries. The Science of our Planet
“So, perhaps now is the time to reopen discussions about adopting more democratic principles at the global level – everyone might one day vote in a world parliament.” Those words…
Keith McNeill | 05.09.2022
The Montreux declaration for federal world government revisited
75 years ago, on 23 August 1947, over 400 participants from more than 20 countries and 50 organizations met in Montreux, Switzerland, for the first “Conference of the World Movement…
Andreas Bummel | 24.08.2022
Most existing international treaties do not work, study concludes
A systematic study of international treaties concluded that only such in the fields of trade and finance showed measurable progress in achieving the intended objectives. Enforcement mechanisms are recommended.
Steven J. Hoffman | 19.08.2022
A stronger voice for local and regional governments in global affairs
Emilia Saiz, Secretary-General of United Cities and Local Governments, makes the case for a greater political voice of local communities in global governance and highlights their local multilateralism
Emilia Saiz | 11.08.2022
Nuclear disarmament, a world parliament and world peace
The tenth Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty opened in early August with a stark warning from UN Secretary-General António Guterres of nuclear danger “not seen since the height…
DWB | 08.08.2022
Six new rules to update and strengthen democracy
Democracy has lasted for centuries because it is the most effective tool for making decisions across large, diverse communities. It gives us control over decision-makers, making them accountable to us….
Marcial Boo | 06.07.2022
Book review: The Rules of Democracy
Marcial Boo has some excellent credentials as a regulator of politicians and a supervisor of public spending. He has now written an excellent book – extraordinarily concise, pertinent and principled…
Hilton Dawson | 06.07.2022
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