What will the world make of the UN Summit of the Future in 2023?
In this piece the authors provide an overview of Stimson Center’s new report “Road to 2023: Our Common Agenda and the Pact for the Future” and argue that the UN requires far-reaching changes
Richard Ponzio and Nudhara Yusuf | 04.07.2022
New 2022 report: Global civil society amid disruption and conflict
This overview highlights the fuel and food crisis, attacks on democracy and democratic successes, struggles for justice and equality, action on climate justice and the need of the UN to transform
Mandeep Tiwana | 01.07.2022
Polls: Democracy remains important to people but trust erodes
Latest survey data of the Democracy Perception Index 2022 and the Edelman Trust Barometer 2022 reveals continued support of democracy throughout the world but also eroding trust in its performance
Colm Lehane | 22.06.2022
Study: Overall, only slight decline in electoral integrity in ten years
The Electoral Integrity Global Report 2019-2021 published in May 2022 details conditions and developments on the levels of electoral integrity across 148 elections in 169 countries.
Maren Vieluf | 30.05.2022
A UN Emergency Peace Service as a global first-responder
Peter Langille suggests the UNEPS would be a permanent, integrated and multifunctional UN force. Highly trained, well-equipped and ready for immediate deployment once authorized by the Security Council.
Peter Langille | 24.05.2022
Suffragists demanded a global right to vote for a world parliament
The concept of global citizenship feels ubiquitous these days. Organizations like Global Citizen use it to rally popular support around the world to end poverty, alleviate the climate crisis, and…
Megan Threlkeld | 20.05.2022
The new UN resolution on Security Council vetoes has no teeth
How to reform the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has been discussed and debated for more than four decades, but it has recently regained new traction following the UNSC’s failure…
Teh Zi Yee | 18.05.2022
On the battlefields of Ukraine, Idealism is laying waste to Realism
Austin Mackell argues in this article that foreign policy, like all politics, must be a values-first affair.
Austin G. Mackell | 27.04.2022
UN: General Assembly shifts power balance, will debate future vetoes
In a landmark resolution adopted today, the UN General Assembly decided that it will convene for a formal meeting each time one or more permanent members of the Security Council…
DWB | 26.04.2022
The planetary incapacity to govern needs to be addressed right now
Will the planetary incapacity to govern be addressed right now or do we wait until after a Third World War to do so? The First World War made it painfully…
Georgios Zervas and Peter Spiegel | 21.04.2022
Space governance: Who speaks for Earth?
As space science matures and accelerates, the time has come for a democratically accountable UN to moderate human activity beyond Earth argues Ian Crawford.
Ian Crawford | 12.04.2022
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