Digital Freedom Marathon

15–17 Sep 2021

Atlas Movement

The Atlas Movement is convening a Digital Freedom Marathon with 3-days of interventions by democracy leaders and in-depth discussion (for local times, follow the links):

Sept 15th: We are not free until we are all free!

  • Panel discussion 1 to 2.30 pm BST: “Freedom Fighters, Unite!” Speakers: President Guaido, Vladimir Ashurkov, Ted Hui, Wai Wai Nu, Veronica Tsepkalo
  • Workshop 3 to 4 pm BST: How can we best protect & support freedom fighters across the world? Let’s discuss and create an action plan! Guests: Anar Mammadli, Tamara Adrian, Ammar Abdulhamid, Felix Nkongho

Sept 16th: Democracy is never won, but always remains to be won.

  • Panel discussion 1 to 2 pm BST: “Let’s hold democracies accountable” (speakers: TBC)
  • Workshop 3 to 4 pm BST: How do we hold countries to the highest democratic standard? Let’s discuss and create an action plan!

Sept 17th: A new utopia for democracy is needed!

  • Panel discussion 12 to 1 pm BST: How can we innovate democratic practices? Speakers: Taiwan Digital Diplomacy Association, Andreas Bummel, others TBC
  • Workshop 2 to 3 pm BST: Innovative democracy: how can we build tomorrow’s governance model? Let’s discuss and create an action plan!

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