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Oded Gilad & Dena Freeman


The Key to Global Justice

Why is humanity failing to solve the climate crisis, to deal effectively with pandemics, to curb the power of multinational corporations and to create a more equal, just and sustainable world for everyone? This book, based on a series of video lectures on YouTube, provides an answer: it is because of the political division of the world into some two hundred separate nation states, each vying for its own interests, and with no-one looking at what is good for the world as a whole. The authors argue that the only way to solve global problems and to truly bring about global justice, is for everyone to come together in one, universal, global democratic system.

This is a radical, inspiring and provocative book – a must-read for everyone who believes that a better world is needed.

Published in November 2022.

Order at retail and online bookstores worldwide as an e-book or paperback edition.

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Find the video lectures on YouTube:

Book contents

Section I: Developing A Global Framework

1. Federalism and World Federalism — 2. A Democratic World is Possible — 3. The History and Future of Democracy — 4. Is Globalisation the Problem? — 5. Love is all you need. Or is it? — 6. What is Global Governance?

Module I of the video lectures

Section II: Problems of the Current ‘International’ System

7. Global Apartheid — 8. Human Rights — 9. The Climate Crisis — 10. Economic Inequality — 11. Migration and Refugees

Module II of the video lectures

Section III: Key World Federalist Thinkers

12. Rosika Schwimmer: A Feminist’s Struggle for World Citizenship — 13. Albert Einstein: A Vision of a Unified World — 14. Jawahlarlal Nehru: An Anti-Imperialist’s Quest for One World — 15. Josué de Castro: World Federation to End World Hunger — 16. Kwame Nkrumah: World Federalism instead of Neo-Colonialism — 17. Hideki Yukawa: World Peace through World Federation — 18. The History of the World Federalist Movement

Module III of the video lectures

Section IV: Ways Forward

19. Debunking the Objections to Global Democracy — 20. Localism or Globalism? — 21. Domesticating the International System — 22. Global Citizenship — 23. From Global Oligarchy to Global Democracy — 24. A World Parliament — 25. Pathways to World Federation

Module IV of the video lectures

The authors

Oded Gilad

is the Director of One World: Movement for Global Democracy. From 2014-2020 he was a member of the Council of the World Federalist Movement. He is a regular international speaker and has published several articles on global democracy and world federalism in the Federalist Debate, Eén Wereld, Fédéchoses, and on Open Democracy.

Dena Freeman

is the Deputy Director of One World: Movement for Global Democracy and a member of the International Advisory Board of Democracy Without Borders. She has published widely on the topics on globalisation, development and democracy and is the author of several books, including most recently Can Globalization Succeed? (2020).