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Andreas Bummel

Germany/South Africa
Executive Director

Andreas Bummel is founder and executive director of Democracy Without Borders. He is known worldwide as an expert and advocate for a world parliament. The campaign he has been leading for a Parliamentary Assembly at the UN has been supported by more than 1,500 parliamentarians from over 100 countries. Since 2021, he has been one of the co-convenors of the new “We The Peoples” campaign, which advocates for more democracy at the UN. Over 200 groups from around the world have joined it, including leading environmental and civil rights NGOs. From 1998 to 2018, he served on the Council of the World Federalist Movement, which played a central role in supporting the creation of the International Criminal Court. In 2018, his book A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century (with Jo Leinen) was published. Since 2023 he is among those promoting a UN Special Rapporteur on Democracy. He has spoken at Yale University, the London School of Economics, the Athens Democracy Forum, and before the Pan-African Parliament, among other venues. In recognition of his work, the Society for Threatened Peoples made him a honorary member. He was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in 1976.

Policy review: A United Nations Parliamentary Assembly
Paperback and hardcover editions can be purchased at all major online bookstores. From the preface The 75th anniversary of the UN coincides with a dramatic global health crisis caused by
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The Alliance for Multilateralism: how will it contribute to UN 75?
The Alliance for Multilateralism that was announced by Germany and France earlier this year was launched at a ministerial meeting during the opening session of the UN General Assembly in
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The UN at 75: Time to Give Citizens a Voice
The UN wants a “global conversation”Next year the United Nations will commemorate its 75th anniversary. The General Assembly determined that all the UN’s activities in 2020 shall be guided by
Andreas Bummel, Lysa John and Bruno Kaufmann | 17.11.2019
On the need of a democratic global government
Human civilization may not be able to survive if we do not manage to create a global government. This proposition may seem out of place at a time of rising
Jo Leinen and Andreas Bummel | 04.05.2019