BTI: Progress of democratic transformation falls to a new low

The 2020 edition of the Bertelsmann Transformation Index, in short BTI, examining the status of political transformation in 137 countries, shows growing resistance to the regression of democracy and the…

Peter Orvetti | 11.05.2020
Ambedkar, cosmopolitan political humility, and national belonging

Those who espouse universal (global) values must at some point explain why their proposed values should be affirmed in principle by all persons – even when they conflict with some…

Luis Cabrera | 06.05.2020
The UN at 75: a global parliament supported at events, NGO forum in May

The need of a global parliamentary body that represents the world’s citizens was highlighted last week at two virtual events with a combined online audience of several hundred people. According to…

DWB | 28.04.2020
World federalism, global democracy and coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis shows the consequences of the enormous contradiction under which seven billion human beings live now: a world globalized by technology and economy but politically divided into almost…

Fernando A. Iglesias | 10.04.2020
Coronavirus and the need for global governance

As our lives and our societies are disrupted by the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis, some weaknesses of our political systems and existing ways of organizing our societies are glaringly exposed. Consider…

Mark Coeckelbergh | 08.04.2020
Book review: The Humble Cosmopolitan

For someone who is promoting a world parliament some humbleness might be appropriate. That was my initial thought as I saw the title of Luis Cabrera’s recent book about cosmopolitanism….

Hans Leander | 08.04.2020
Stimson Center recommends a United Nations Parliamentary Network

The Stimson Center in Washington D.C. recommends that the United Nations should establish a parliamentary network as an advisory body to the UN General Assembly in order to address its…

DWB | 27.03.2020
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