The UN at 75: Time to Give Citizens a Voice

The UN wants a “global conversation”Next year the United Nations will commemorate its 75th anniversary. The General Assembly determined that all the UN’s activities in 2020 shall be guided by…

Andreas Bummel, Lysa John och Bruno Kaufmann | 17.11.2019
Worldwide Protests Challenge the Global System

This year has seen an extraordinary number of significant mass protests in over twenty countries or territories, many of which in a national context represented the biggest in recent times….

Austin G. Mackell | 04.11.2019
The vision of a World Parliament promoted during global action week

Around United Nations Day on 24th October 2019, the annual global week of a action was celebrated in support of the establishment of a democratic world parliament. Under the slogan…

DWB | 01.11.2019
Speech in Stockholm: The path to a World Parliament

Friday 25 October 2019 Democracy Without Borders-Sweden arranged a manifestation outside the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm. The manifestation promoted the establishment of a World Parliament as a way to deal…

Petter Ölmunger | 01.11.2019
Ett världsparlament för klimatet: Manifestation utanför Riksdagen

Fredagen 25 oktober 2019 samlades ca 30 personer på ett blåsigt Mynttorget utanför riksdagen för att genomföra en manifestation för klimatet och för global demokrati. I manifestationen deltog bland annat…

Hans Leander | 28.10.2019
World Citizens’ Initiative welcomed at global forum on direct democracy

On 3rd October, I had the pleasure to attend the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy in Taiwan and to present the findings of a paper on the legal feasibility…

Ben Murphy | 24.10.2019
We need a world parliament to deal with the climate crisis

“Nothing can stop the young people of the world,” Greta Thunberg said recently during the climate summit for young people in New York. The school strikes by young people have…

Hans Leander | 23.10.2019
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