A Voice for Global Citizens: a UN World Citizens’ Initiative

This report recommends that the United Nations (UN) should develop its democratic legitimacy through the creation of the instrument of a World Citizens’ Initiative (WCI) by which global citizens can…

James Organ och Ben Murphy | 26.11.2019
Four scenarios on the future of the United Nations

Elaborate preparations are underway for the 75th anniversary of the UN on October 24 2020. It is now one of the oldest international organizations ever created, having lasted so far…

Keith Suter | 26.11.2019
IDEA presenterar ny “global hälsokontroll av demokratin”

För tredje gången har Internationella Institutet för demokrati och fria val (IDEA) publicerat vad de kallar ”en global hälsokontroll av demokratin” i form av sin årliga rapport ”The Global State…

Marie Becker | 23.11.2019
Kampanj för medborgarinitiativ inom FN lanserades i New York

Över 100 grupper och organisationer från civilsamhället, förenade under parollen “We, the Peoples”, kräver att det upprättas ett världsmedborgarinitiativ inom FN (UNWCI). Instrumentet skulle göra det möjligt för medborgarna att…

DWB | 19.11.2019
The UN at 75: Time to Give Citizens a Voice

The UN wants a “global conversation”Next year the United Nations will commemorate its 75th anniversary. The General Assembly determined that all the UN’s activities in 2020 shall be guided by…

Andreas Bummel, Lysa John och Bruno Kaufmann | 17.11.2019
Worldwide Protests Challenge the Global System

This year has seen an extraordinary number of significant mass protests in over twenty countries or territories, many of which in a national context represented the biggest in recent times….

Austin G. Mackell | 04.11.2019
The vision of a World Parliament promoted during global action week

Around United Nations Day on 24th October 2019, the annual global week of a action was celebrated in support of the establishment of a democratic world parliament. Under the slogan…

DWB | 01.11.2019
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