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Global Democracy


 Everyone has the right to take part in the government of his country, directly or through freely chosen representatives. — Article 21, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

We advocate a right to democracy at all levels

It is no longer possible to limit democracy to the nation-state. Conversely, democracy can only function on a global scale if it also prospers nationally. We support an improvement and strengthening of democracy and closer collaboration of democratic countries.

All people must enjoy access to fundamental political and civil rights, in particular the right to competitive free and fair elections and political participation.

Democracy Without Borders believes that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the  International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights constitute a right to democracy at all levels of public authority, from the local to the global.

As a measure to help strengthen democracy, Democracy Without Borders supports the creation of a new mandate of the UN Human Rights Council of Special Rapporteur on Democracy.

Two meanings of global democracy

Global democracy can address two things: the state of democracy across the world’s nation-states or democratization of global governance. Learn more about it here. The latter is part of our program area on global governance.

A UN Rapporteur on Democracy

Democracy Without Borders helps coordinate the global campaign for the appointment of a UN Special Rapporteur on Democracy by the UN Human Rights Council.

An Alliance of Democracies

Democracy Without Borders supports the creation of an Alliance of Democracies following these principles and proposals.


DWB and its chapters are seeking donors and partners to develop projects in the field of democracy promotion at all levels.


We are part of the Global Democracy Coalition and we endorse the Coalition for Democratic Renewal.

News and developments in this program area

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World Liberty Congress unites dissidents to “end autocracy” worldwide
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Open Society Barometer: 86% worldwide want to live in a democracy
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Democracy day: international parliamentary support for a UN rapporteur
On the occasion of the International Day of Democracy celebrated on 15 September 2023, a number of parliamentary bodies and elected representatives from across the world expressed support for the…
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