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Global Week of Action for a World Parliament

About the week

The Global Week of Action (GWA) is an annual event celebrated in October around United Nations Day on the 24th. It was held for the first time in 2013. During this week independent events and actions are held worldwide to promote the establishment of a democratic world parliament

World Parliament Now!

The slogan of the GWA is “World Parliament Now!” This underlines the urgent necessity of a leap forward: “As global crises increase, people across the world, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, express their discontent with existing forms of political representation, which leave them voiceless in global decision-making.”

Join the movement

If you feel that our current political system is inadequate to deal with growing global challenges, you are not alone! Join the next week of action from 16-25 October 2020 to call for the establishment of a World Parliament that will give real representation to all citizens. See here what you can do.

16-25 October 2020

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