Countering kleptocracy with an International Anti-Corruption Court
Grand corruption – the abuse of public power for private gain – is incompatible with democracy. It destabilizes countries, corrodes the rule of law, and enables kleptocrats to maintain power…
Bethany Adam | 18.06.2021
Roundtables produce recommendations for UN report on “common agenda”
The Coalition for the UN We Need, the Stimson Center and other partners hosted six roundtable consultations between February and May this year. This series of online events was held…
DWB | 16.06.2021
Declaration calls for an International Anti-Corruption Court
Integrity Initiatives International, a US-based organization fighting corruption, announced today that more than one hundred world leaders from over forty countries have signed a declaration calling for the creation of…
DWB | 10.06.2021
Humanity needs a global origin story that works for all
We are living through a momentous turning point in the history not just of humanity but of Planet Earth. But modern education is failing to help young people see the…
David Christian | 01.06.2021
Proposals for a more democratic UN broached at Gwangju Democracy Forum
Civil society statement and UN75 On May 20th, Democracy Without Borders hosted a fruitful online session at this year’s Gwangju Democracy Forum in collaboration with Democracy International, CIVICUS, Together First…
Amy Oloo | 27.05.2021
State of civil society: Report highlights mobilization amid pandemic
As COVID-19 swept the globe, deepening existing fault-lines in societies and generating fear and uncertainty, many governments used the pandemic as a pretext to clamp down on civic freedoms, sparking…
DWB | 27.05.2021
Is Yuval Harari really against global democracy and global government?
Introduction In two interviews published recently on YouTube, the historian, philosopher, and bestselling author Yuval Harari has said: “I think that you can’t have democracy, at least in the world…
John Vlasto | 17.05.2021
World federation and the Israel-Palestine conflict
As an Israeli citizen who is promoting the vision of a democratic world federation, I often encounter the following challenging question: “Your country holds millions of Palestinians under military rule,…
Oded Gilad | 14.05.2021
Survey reveals stable desire for democracy amid growing dissatisfaction
Ahead of the Copenhagen Democracy Summit in 2021, the Alliance of Democracies Foundation and Latana, an online research company, published this year’s edition of the Democracy Perception Index (DPI). With…
Matteo Gorgoni | 10.05.2021
The Summit for Democracy needs to include the domestic opposition
For the first time since 2001, there are more autocracies in the world than democracies. In 2019, 54% of the world’s population lived in a full-blown autocracy; 35% lived in democracies…
Tarunabh Khaitan | 04.05.2021
Over 100 civil society groups issue statement for a more democratic UN
On the occasion of the International Day for Multilateralism on 24 April, a group of 100 civil society organisations has issued a joint statement calling for a more democratic UN….
DWB | 23.04.2021
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