Rasmussen’s Copenhagen Summit: Democracy on the defensive

It was the former Danish Prime Minister and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen who opened the 2nd Copenhagen Democracy Summit in the Royal Theater of the Danish capital on…

Jan Diedrichsen | 17.07.2019
V-Dem: A third wave of autocratization now affects 24 countries

The annual report of the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) Project has concluded that a trend of autocratization which first gained momentum in the mid 1990’s has developed across the world….

Ryan Whyte | 24.06.2019
Survey explores causes for dissatisfaction with democracy

A new report by the Pew Research Centre published last month found that a population’s satisfaction with democracy is tied to subjective assessments of economic wellbeing, respect of individual rights, and of…

Charles Marsh | 31.05.2019
Join the Week of Action for a World Parliament from 19-27 October 2019

Join our Global Week of Action from October 19-27 2019 and support the call for the establishment of a World Parliament that will give representation and political power to all world citizens.The…

Petter Ölmunger | 15.05.2019
Walls, fences, and a borderless world: Recent arguments

With millions of people across the world fleeing violence, oppression, economic desparation or because of environmental reasons, migration remains a key issue on the political agenda. Two years ago we reported on…

Amy Oloo | 14.05.2019
On the need of a democratic global government

This essay was originally published in the May 2019 edition of Cadmus, the journal of the World Academy of Arts and Science. Human civilization may not be able to survive if we do not…

Jo Leinen & Andreas Bummel | 04.05.2019
In 1919, the revolutionary German government proposed a world parliament

One hundred years ago, following the First World War, the new revolutionary government of Germany proposed a world parliament. In a piece published in the German newspaper taz, Jo Leinen and…

Andreas Bummel | 22.04.2019
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