An internet tool for global debate, voting and elections for all citizens of the world.


The tool, GDVE-it for short, is under development. We are not starting from scratch. As early as 2000, a website for global debates, voting and elections was created as part of the World Parliament Experiment. We are preparing a new and modern implementation. Support is very welcome!


The tool will be based on a registration as a citizen of the world but will also offer information and opportunities for non-registered individuals. A simple smartphone will suffice – for global democracy without barriers.


Debates – for example on upcoming decisions of the Security Council, but also on topics proposed by registered world citizens – precede votes, set new topics, develop ideas for global democracy and make the proposal of a world parliament better known.

Voting & elections

We strive for global democracy. Democracy requires participation – and global democracy means participation of all people. GDVE-it will therefore be a scalable platform that grows with the number of registered citizens of the world.