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Program Areas

Montreux at 75: Governing Global Challenges

23 Aug 2022
5:00-6:30 PM UTC → Find your local time

Young World Federalists

On August 23rd, 1947, world federalists gathered in Montreux, Switzerland, to define the movement and it’s goals. The outcome of this meeting is the Montreux Declaration, a short document that many point to as the genesis of the current political movement to unite the world.

At this webinar, experts on UN reform, global democracy and sustainability, and world citizen activism discuss the continued relevance of the Montreux Declaration and the current challenges for world federalism.


  • Daphne Gogou, Member of the Bureau, Union of European Federalists
  • Andreas Bummel, Executive Director, Democracy Without Borders
  • Ariana Yekrangi, Co-Founder and Chair, UN-Aligned
  • Dr. Georgios Kostakos, Executive Director, Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability
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