The World’s Citizens need to take back control – with a Global Parliament

As global interdependence becomes ever closer and more complex, more and more issues cannot be dealt with by states acting alone. To a large degree, achieving prosperity, development, and security…

Andreas Bummel | 20.03.2017
A World Without Borders

Immigration has recently come to the forefront of the political debate in a spectacular fashion in several developed countries. Yet amidst the rising populist tide, an article published in Foreign…

Inès Ajimi | 20.03.2017
The Committee for a Democratic U.N. is now Democracy Without Borders

Democracy Without Borders is the successor of the Committee for a Democratic U.N., in short KDUN for its German name. In February 2017, KDUN’s members decided to continue their work…

Andreas Bummel | 20.03.2017
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