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World’s largest school in India hosts conference on UN reform
The 24th International Conference of Chief Justices was held at City Montessori School in Lucknow, India
DWB | 09.11.2023
Better procedures needed for appointing top UN positions, NGOs say
According to a statement signed by over 40 civil society groups, including Amnesty International, CIVICUS and Human Rights Watch, the people “have a right to know who is exercising the…
DWB | 20.10.2023
Groups request improved civil society access and participation at the UN
In a joint letter sent last week, a number of civil society groups request UN chief Antiónio Guterres “to take immediate action” to improve civil society access and participation at…
DWB | 18.10.2023
Global democracy and the UN discussed in New York
Proposals for improving citizen participation and representation at the United Nations took center stage at an event in New York that was part of this year’s Global People’s Assembly, a…
DWB | 11.10.2023
International poll: public supports a world parliament and world law
An international survey on behalf of Friedrich Ebert Foundation found that public sentiment strongly approves of a world parliament in 13 of 15 countries covered.
Andreas Bummel | 05.10.2023
Open Society Barometer: 86% worldwide want to live in a democracy
In September 2023, Open Society Foundations, renowned as the world’s most substantial private supporter of groups championing justice, democratic governance and human rights, introduced the Open Society Barometer. This comprehensive…
Lidia Bilali | 04.10.2023
New report: Global solidarity in a “danger zone”
This piece provides an overview of the 2023 Global Solidarity Report which includes a scorecard with measurable indicators of the level of global solidarity
Hassan Damluji and Qali Id | 02.10.2023
Declaration calls for UN Charter review, study group presents proposals
This week, heads of state and government gather in New York for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly. On this occasion, a declaration endorsed by former officials, representatives…
DWB | 20.09.2023
Democracy day: international parliamentary support for a UN rapporteur
On the occasion of the International Day of Democracy celebrated on 15 September 2023, a number of parliamentary bodies and elected representatives from across the world expressed support for the…
DWB | 19.09.2023
Time for the UN to take action on strengthening civil society involvement
How do you get a seat at the table when you can’t even access the building? This question loomed as activists, faith-based leaders, and NGO representatives gathered at the NY…
Abigail Van Neely | 10.08.2023
World Statehood: The Future Of World Politics
In this piece, Heikki Patomäki presents his new book on “world statehood” that examines the potential formation of a world state from a processual perspective
Heikki Patomäki | 02.08.2023
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