The Great Transition to Planetary Civilization
Published two years ago in 2016, Journey to Earthland which is available online presents a highly recommended literary exposé on the future of our planet by environmental policy activist and Tellus…
Andrew McAllister | 15.05.2018
New book “A World Parliament” presented at the European Parliament in Brussels
The new book A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century was presented at an event with both authors, Jo Leinen, a Member of the European Parliament, and Andreas…
DWB | 08.05.2018
United Nations charter reform and the unfulfilled promise of San Francisco
The veto power in the UN Security Council The Security Council (SC) of the United Nations is the organ charged with maintaining “international peace and security” and, under international law,…
Shahr-yar Sharei | 04.05.2018
A World Community of Democratic Nations based on NATO and the OECD?
The promotion of democracy has become more urgent recently, as the world seems to become a more dangerous place. The threat of nuclear war has raised its head once again….
Chris Hamer | 23.04.2018
A World Parliament: Governance and Democracy in the 21st Century
An event on 11 April 2018 hosted by the United Nations Correspondents Association at UN headquarters in New York marked the publication of the book A World Parliament: Governance and…
Jo Leinen and Andreas Bummel | 16.04.2018
State of Civil Society Report 2018: limitations on civic space met defiant resistance
The international alliance of civil society organizations CIVICUS released a report on the State of Civil Society that highlighted ten different trends in 2017. According to the report, attacks on…
Jessica Lee | 03.04.2018
Efforts for longevity must go along with strengthening global democracy
A growing interest in life extension technology has led to investments of billions of dollars with a plethora of intriguing technologies promising advances in combating aging. As average human life…
Didier Coeurnelle | 30.03.2018
Event in Berlin: Strengthening democracy through a world parliament
Last Thursday (22 March), the participants in an event at Pariser Platz in Berlin hoped that the establishment of a parliamentary assembly at the UN would provide impetus for a…
DWB | 28.03.2018
Campaign suggests that General Assembly should vote on Security Council reform
This month the Elect the Council campaign that is coordinated by the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria released a recent summary of their suggestions on how to reform the…
Phoebe Guinn | 21.03.2018
The Security Council has failed Syria: time to question its authority
In his final address to the Human Rights Council, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Prince Zeid decried the “pernicious use of the veto” by the permanent members of the…
Andreas Bummel | 09.03.2018
Human Rights Watch report highlights dissent against rising populism
Human Rights Watch released its annual report in January 2018, providing a summary of the key human rights issues investigated from late 2016 to November 2017 in over 90 countries and…
Jessica Lee | 21.02.2018
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