Reviving Multilateralism on the Road to 2020
As humanity struggles with mass violence, mass migrations and the widening effect of climate change, the international system inaugurated nearly 75 years ago to manage such global problems seems to be…
Richard Ponzio, Joris Larik and William Durch | 24.01.2019
Who should elect the World Bank’s president?
A week ago the World Bank made the surprise announcement that its president Jim Yong Kim quits his position effective February 1 to join the private sector. In a letter to…
Petter Ölmunger | 15.01.2019
Call for a world parliament during week of action
Around United Nations Day on 24th October 2018, a global week of a action was celebrated for the fifth time with activities across the world in support of the establishment…
Petter Ölmunger | 13.12.2018
The Swiss World Federalist Association is now Democracy Without Borders Switzerland
The Association of World Federalists of Switzerland has joined the international organization of Democracy Without Borders (DWB) and renamed itself Democracy Without Borders Switzerland. This was decided at a general…
Christian Müller | 11.12.2018
Global statement: Human rights defenders need more support and protection
The 9th of December 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders  and 10th of December the 70th anniversary of the UN’s Universal Declaration on…
Hans Leander | 10.12.2018
Seminar on “How to Assemble Parliamentary Assemblies”
On 27-28 November 2018 the Center for UN Constitutional Research (CUNCR) in collaboration with Democracy Without Borders (DWB) hosted an international expert seminar in Brussels entitled “How to Assemble Parliamentary…
John Vlasto | 05.12.2018
Climate change and the need for a UN Parliamentary Assembly
A call for urgent global actionLast month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report titled Global Warming of 1.5°C which emphasises the urgent need to act upon…
Charles Marsh | 20.11.2018
Bertelsmann study: Quality of democracy declining in EU and OECD countries
Sustainable Governance IndicatorsThe quality of democracy in industrialized states is steadily declining. At the same time political polarization is growing, making it more difficult for states to implement sustainable reform….
Sarah Neumeyer | 15.11.2018
Together First: A new campaign for global governance reform
Democracy Without Borders supports Together First, a global campaign that advocates a reform and transformation of today’s global governance into “a global system that works for all.”A global system that…
DWB | 12.11.2018
Renewing democracy: proposals and ideas from civil society
Worldwide consultationsIf we could reimagine the kind of democracy we live in and the way we experience democracy, what would it look and be like?This was the question our global…
Mandeep Tiwana | 09.11.2018
From idea to prototype: The New Shape Process for global governance innovation
Democracy Without Borders is one of the organizations that has been participating in the New Shape Process of the Global Challenges Foundation. With kind permission we republish in the following…
Julien Leyre | 07.11.2018
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